Grayson Cox Engineers Office Gallery 1



Grayson Cox

Audacious and Persistent

Engineer’s Office Gallery, September, 2014
Grayson Cox presents sculptures that represent a platform for production; subjectively framing space for artist Blake Carrington to work. The sculptures are placed in the space with photoshop because of the lack of access to space over an long period of time. It was then presented to Blake Carrington to be worked in. Blake has chosen to present “LEISURE TIME”.

This Friday Next Friday, Christopher Ho’s Studio and Engineer’s Office Gallery
Grayson Cox exhibits a time-based, temporary, site-specific installation at This Friday or Next Friday, Christopher K. Ho Studios (39 Bridge St.), and The Engineer’s Office (Rockefeller Center, basement). Each space will be outfitted with facilitation sculptures, which act as tables, quark boards, and tool storage and available for rent via Listings Project during the run of the show for artists looking for affordable studio work space. The tenants are free to use the facilitation sculptures as needed.

Collaborating Artists (Using the space as a starting point to make new art work)
-AV Ryan at TFNF
-Blake Carrington at Engineer’s Office Gallery
-Christopher Ho at Christopher Ho’s Studio



grayson cox blake carrington engineers office gallery


(Facilitated by Grayson Cox), Engineers Office Gallery…


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