Scott Zieher – OCTOBER 17,2014


Scott Zieher
“BUBBLER” detail, 2014
dimensions variable
Collaged architecture magazine ads on foamcore

More about Scott – HERE





Returning the Engineer’s Office Gallery to its former glory— a hole in the wall that once held a water fountain— which in the artist’s Wisconsin parlance was called a bubbler— Scott Zieher plumbed a six-foot-high-stack of 1960’s and 70’s architecture magazines, selecting 15 of the finest examples of wellspring salesmanship. The original source material, hereby affixed to foam and taped inside the cubby, was found one blustery night in the garment district, a block away from the flower district, and two blocks away from the (1957-1965) apartment where Eugene Smith shot 1,477 rolls of film and recorded 4,000 hours of audiotapes of jazz musicians and 6thAvenue passersby (still extant). Architects love to compare water fountainheads; apparently, and Sixth Avenue is the essence of Midtown Manhattan. Thereby, this time-based, faith-based vignette, seen officially by 4 people, celebrates the spirit of the throbbing metropolis as it once wasn’t— clean and free, unadulterated by commerce, old as Rome, and just as filthy.
















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