Courtenay Finn, Steven Probert, Jonathan Rider – April 19, 2012


The selection


The Engineer’s Office Library, 2012






Steven Probert and Courtenay Finn




The Engineers Office Library
by Courtenay Finn

“It seems that setting up a space for something to happen is at times more of a productive act than the actual gesture of filling a blank with specific content…”

In homage to Chris Cobb’s There is Nothing Wrong in This Whole Wide World (2004-2005) and Mario Garica Torres’ artistic practice as exemplified in his publication Date Due (2007), The Engineers Office Library will be established. An official stamp was created, and a collection of books were assembled, stamped, and arranged. The library exists as an entity only for a short moment, its real power lies in the books ability to disseminate themselves and their content, finding their way into the hands of a multitude of readers, who will in turn find themselves back to the Engineer’s Office.

Created in collaboration with Steven Probert and Jonathan Rider.


Video to come!


2 Responses to Courtenay Finn, Steven Probert, Jonathan Rider – April 19, 2012

  1. Mike (aka The Rhino) says:

    Borrowed the copy of “Consider the Lobster” by David Foster Wallace that was out. Great book. Love the fact that all these books are there for anyone who passes by. Might even add to the pile, if that’s OK with you, when I bring back “The Lobster.” I have tons of books, and would not mind at all adding to the library. Thanks!

    Mike, a freelance art handler at christie’s

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